Prof. Diego E. Angelucci

Prof. Diego Ercole Angelucci

Departement of Humanities

Associate Professor

Via Tommaso Gar, 14 – 38122 Trento
+39 0461 28 2700

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He defines himself a geoarcheologist- a geologist among archeologists and an archeologist among geologists. His researchs concentrate themselves on the study of formation processes of the archaological┬á evidence and on the conncetions between human groups and the environment. He participates to projects about the archaeology of the Pleistocene and the Holocene in Italy, Spain and Portugal.┬á The transition moments interest him above all:┬á late-Middle Paleolithic, Pleistocene-Holocene,┬á neolithization – although his career as a geoarcheologist brings/takes him to work on territories and site of different ages and contests.