In order to analyze the genetic variation of modern populations from Trentino and reach the objectives established in the BIOSTRE project, several communities from the main geographic areas of the region have been involved. They include populations from the Adige, Fiemme, Giudicarie, Non, Primiero and Sole valleys, the linguistic minority of the Ladin (Fassa valley) and the two german-speaking populations of Cimbri (Luserna plateau)  and Mòcheni (Fersina valley). More details are included in the Sampling section. 

In order to publicize the BIOSTRE project and to plan events and meetings with the various communities from Trentino involved in the research, the persons responsible for the various structures present in the territory have been contacted.   

A number of meetings have been held with the Presidents and collaborators of the Bersntol Kulturinstit, the Centro di documentazione di Luserna, the Kulturinstitut Lusèrn and the  Istitut Cultural Ladin, the Museo Ladin de Fascia and, finally, the  Museo Tridentino di Scienze Naturali.  Many other associations have been involved such as the Coro Genzianella di Tesero, Coro Voci Cimbre (Zimbar Kantör), gruppo giovani di Fierozzo and various municipalities from the Fersina, Fassa and Fiemme valleys and the munipilatity of Luserna. Moreover, there have been meetings with the persons in charge of some hospitals of the  Provincial Health Services (Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari) such as the blood and plasma Bank of Trento, the blood collection units of the hospital of Cles, Pergine, Rovereto Cavalese and Tione of Trento. Furthermore,   the Presidents of the AVIS groups (Associazioni Volontari Italiani Sangue) in all the areas considered in the project had been contacted.    

This preliminary phase led to the organization of several meetings with the populations involved during which the project was amply illustrated. In the course of these meeting, the aims of the research, the Bioethical aspects  and the participation procedure were clearly explained.

The meetings that took place in the principal locations under study are listed below:

ADIGE valley 

October, 2008. Public meeting with the population from Sopramonte, AVIS base (Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue)  

October, 2008. Public meeting with the population from Rovereto, AVIS base 


FASSA valley

May, 2008. Public meeting organized in collaboration with the Istituto culturale Ladino and the Museo Ladino di Fassa (see the  playbill).

June, 2008. Vigo di Fassa

May, 2008. Soraga

May, 2008. Campitello


FERSINA valley

January, 2008. Pal√Ļ del Fersina

April, 2008. Sant’Orsola Terme

June, 2008. Sant’Orsola Terme

FIEMME valley

June, 2008. Carano  

June, 2008. Tesero

June, 2008. Panchià

June, 2008.  Ziano  



 October, 2008. Tione di  Trento

April, 2009. Spiazzo

LUSERNA plateau

August, 2008. Luserna

October, 2008. Luserna


NON valley 

March, 2008. Cles



September, 2008. Fiera di Primiero

November, 2008. Fiera di Primiero


SOLE valley

June, 2008. Vermiglio