Progetto Alpes (Val di Sole)

First archaeological data collected at site MZ005S (Trento, Italy)

The site was found during the 2010 survey campaign of ALPeS project and is a composite pastoral enclosure located at 2257 m altitude in Val Poré, a left tributary of Val di Sole. Fieldwork at the site included detailed topographic mapping of the enclosure and its surroundings, followed by the analysis of structural components and the stratigraphic excavation of test pits. The record collected and the dating obtained show that the MZ005S compound has been used since long time: stray evidence of possible prehistoric occupation was found; radiocarbon analyses on charcoal have given results dating to the VII-VIII and the XV century AD; the archaeological assemblage collected refers to occupation during the XVI-XVII century AD – still, the site has been sporadically utilised until the second half of the XX century AD. These data provide first insights on the construction phases and use of the site, showing its high potential as a case for understanding the relationships between upland landscape evolution and human exploitation during the late Holocene.

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