July 17 – August 5 2017 FIELDWORK IN VALCAMONICA

In the wonderful framework of the Landmarks Valley, recognized as UNESCO heritage since 1979, the Centro Camuno of Studi Preistorici and the University of Trento organize the annual recording rock-art fieldwork aiming to the documentation of the rock art in the middle Valcamonica.
The fieldwork will be structured on 3 weeks, it is required the participation to 2 weeks, at least.
The aim of the first week is survey and drawing teaching of engravings, and elaborations: contact drawings in Foppe di Nadro, scanning and claning up the drawings, description and cathalog; recording of rock engravings: strategies, methods, technics and case studies; elaboration technics, overlay and analyses (topographic survey, contact drawings, frottage, photogrammetry 2D and 3D, rasterization and vectorization); the contest of the rock engravings.
The second and third weaks will be dedicated to field work and in laboratory
fieldwork 2017_eng
fieldwork_program 2017 eng